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Having Integrity – Doing What is Right

The culture of both private and public sector organizations are undergoing change. Whether this is an evolution or revolution depends on the organization. Is your organization already devoted to strong and healthy business ethics? Alternately, is your organization one where employees have to think carefully about the ethics involved in every decision that they make […]

The Ramifications of the demise of Energy East

Published Hill Times, October 30, 2017 I do not understand why people believe that Western Separation is dead. It appears, at least on the federal level, that Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberals believe that they can ignore Alberta and (now) Saskatchewan. In the past, the only province that threatened separation was Quebec. However, with […]

Solicitor-Client Privilege

I always thought that the concept of solicitor-client privilege was essentially simple. The solicitor has a duty to his/her client that anything said is confidential. Although I am not a lawyer, I am invited to a legal symposium every year. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only non-lawyer in attendance. This is […]

Whistleblowers are ignored, sidelined and silenced

iPolitics, Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 One of Ottawa’s open secrets is on the table again. The people mandated to help and protect whistleblowers within the federal public service evidently do the opposite. This conclusion should be drawn from the recent Federal Court decision that underscores how whistleblowers are ignored, sidelined and silenced by the very body […]

Writing an Effective Executive Summary

Typically, all proposals in response to RFPs have an Executive Summary that briefly describes your company and what you are bidding on. While it is true that the Executive Summary is rarely, if ever, evaluated in a written proposal, you cannot ignore the importance of it. The Executive Summary is normally the first item read. […]

Bad or Poorly Constructed RFPs

There are problems in developing most larger and/or complex RFPs.  These come from a variety of sources – different writers, complexity causing conflict, incomplete information, outdated information, etc. The end result is a problem for potential bidders to responds to these RFPs. It is informative to look at a few of the problems from the […]

Whistleblowing Changes

The HILL TIMES MONDAY NOVEMBER 21, 2016 When I first started 10 years ago, whistleblowing was a dirty word by ALLAN CUTLER OTTAWA, ONT.—It has been 10 years since the Liberals’ Sponsorship Scandal and my elevation to be known as “The Whistleblower.” This was not my choice. Leadership comes in various forms. The most common is those […]

Red Team Failure

The Red Team is the team doing formal reviews of the RFP, subsequent amendments, the draft proposal and revisions. With this clearly defined, the question is why or how the Red Team can fail.  When Red Team failure takes place, it causes people to criticize the Red Team concept. However, the failure is not with […]

The Red Team Review

There a many different names for the review role. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. You are verifying that a bid is written correctly and completely. However, the most common term used is the “Red Team” and I will refer to it using this term. This is the team doing formal reviews of […]