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Red Team Failure

The Red Team is the team doing formal reviews of the RFP, subsequent amendments, the draft proposal and revisions. With this clearly defined, the question is why or how the Red Team can fail.  When Red Team failure takes place, it causes people to criticize the Red Team concept. However, the failure is not with […]

The Red Team Review

There a many different names for the review role. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. You are verifying that a bid is written correctly and completely. However, the most common term used is the “Red Team” and I will refer to it using this term. This is the team doing formal reviews of […]

Writing the Proposal – Part 2

As I stated in Part 1, competitive proposal writing is a matter of being methodical. It is not sufficient to just write clearly and ensure all members of the proposal team understand their role and responsibilities. Time must also be considered and not overlooked as it is critical. The clock starts ticking from the time […]

Writing the Proposal – Part 1

Competitive proposal writing is a matter of being methodical. If you are a member of PMI (Project Management Institute), you should regard writing a proposal as a project. It is a process with a beginning (when you receive it) and an end result (when you finalize the proposal). When writing, always keep in mind that […]

The Regret Letter

A question that is often asked is what to do when there is a potential opportunity but you are not going to bid on the requirement for a variety of reasons. In public procurement this occurs when you see the opportunity posted on an electronic bulletin board. In the private sector, this normally occurs when […]

Almon 2010

There are a number of interesting court cases that relate to public procurement. One that went to the Federal Court of Appeals was the case of Canada (Attorney General) v. Almon Equipment Limited, 2010. The procurement was for aircraft de-icing and glycol collection services. Ice and snow must be removed so aircraft can fly safely. […]

Whistleblower who helped U.S. recover $5-billion in taxes wants to help Canada too

PUBLISHED : Monday, Oct. 17, 2016 12:00 AM The Hill Times A former banker-turned-whistleblower, who helped the U.S. Treasury recover $5-billion in back taxes, fines, and penalties has been unsuccessfully trying to provide information to Canadian Parliamentarians and officials which he says would recover an estimated $1-billion in taxes from offshore accounts. But a Senator […]

Birkenfeld believes there’s at least $1-billion in federal unpaid taxes in Canada

Since the Liberals came to power, nothing has changed. In spite of continued attempts, no politician is willing to assist in getting Bradley Birkenfeld into Canada. No one wants to have Birkenfeld testify before a parliamentary committee and expose those who committed fraud. Bradley Birkenfeld was an American banker working in Switzerland. As a whistleblower, […]

Titles Given to Bid Documents

In public procurement, it is helpful to think about and understand the main names given to bid documents.  This usually makes it quicker and easier for a potential bidder to make decisions regarding the opportunities. It may be that there is no point in reading the documents if there is no chance of bidding. A […]

Practical Negotiation – Body Language

Traditional negotiation theories deal with strategies and tactics when preparing for a negotiation. Practical Negotiation is creating an awareness of what actually happens and the dynamics involved. Much has been said and written about the ability to understand body language. In a negotiation it is said to be extremely important to ‘read’ your opponent. In […]