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How Do You Make a Bid/No Bid Decision?

There is more than one approach to making the Bid/No Bid decision. However all the processes have a common element. They all focus on creating a structured method to assist in making a decision whether to bid or not. They are a tool to help. The decision is still vested in the firm. There may […]

Qualification Based Procurement

Note: The following is based on an article that I wrote a few years ago. The concept is sound and useful in specific situations. However, I was never in a situation where there was a need to use “Qualification Based” procurement (which is also referred to as “Best Practices”) and, therefore, have no practical experience. […]

The Bid/No Bid Decision

For firms who wish to bid on public sector bid opportunities, deciding whether to bid is a critical step in the process and the first decision point. This decision includes the people cost of developing and writing a proposal as well as other proposal preparation expenses such as printing. No firm wants to spend time […]

Electronic Tendering

Starting approximately in the early 90s, for over the last twenty to twenty five years there has been an evolution in how suppliers are sourced. The start was the first company who posted their prices on line. From there, to the best of my knowledge, electronic tendering split into three or four different directions: posted […]

Proposal Writing

I will be continuing to write a series of blogs, almost weekly, on competitive bidding and proposal writing but decided I should pause and have a general discussion on proposal writing. “Why am I writing on this subject?” you may ask. The answer is straightforward. I am a procurement expert with over 35 years who […]

Goods Procurement

Historically, most procurement of goods has been considered a low level or clerical activity.  Buying goods was considered ‘easy’ and did not require excessive mental activity. After all, how much effort is needed to buy off-the-shelf products? Bids were mainly decided on total cost. This attitude has changed as procurement (or purchasing) and the complexity […]