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The Ramifications of the demise of Energy East

Published Hill Times, October 30, 2017 I do not understand why people believe that Western Separation is dead. It appears, at least on the federal level, that Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberals believe that they can ignore Alberta and (now) Saskatchewan. In the past, the only province that threatened separation was Quebec. However, with […]

Whistleblowers are ignored, sidelined and silenced

iPolitics, Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 One of Ottawa’s open secrets is on the table again. The people mandated to help and protect whistleblowers within the federal public service evidently do the opposite. This conclusion should be drawn from the recent Federal Court decision that underscores how whistleblowers are ignored, sidelined and silenced by the very body […]

Whistleblowing Changes

The HILL TIMES MONDAY NOVEMBER 21, 2016 When I first started 10 years ago, whistleblowing was a dirty word by ALLAN CUTLER OTTAWA, ONT.—It has been 10 years since the Liberals’ Sponsorship Scandal and my elevation to be known as “The Whistleblower.” This was not my choice. Leadership comes in various forms. The most common is those […]

Whistleblower who helped U.S. recover $5-billion in taxes wants to help Canada too

PUBLISHED : Monday, Oct. 17, 2016 12:00 AM The Hill Times A former banker-turned-whistleblower, who helped the U.S. Treasury recover $5-billion in back taxes, fines, and penalties has been unsuccessfully trying to provide information to Canadian Parliamentarians and officials which he says would recover an estimated $1-billion in taxes from offshore accounts. But a Senator […]

Birkenfeld believes there’s at least $1-billion in federal unpaid taxes in Canada

Since the Liberals came to power, nothing has changed. In spite of continued attempts, no politician is willing to assist in getting Bradley Birkenfeld into Canada. No one wants to have Birkenfeld testify before a parliamentary committee and expose those who committed fraud. Bradley Birkenfeld was an American banker working in Switzerland. As a whistleblower, […]