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Category Archives: Practical Negotiation

Practical Negotiation

When learning about negotiating, a great deal is written about strategies and tactics. There are at least ten different strategies that are proposed. Some examples are BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Alternative), Principled negotiation, and Start with No. There are also many books on the market to choose from. One is actually titled, “How […]

Practical Negotiation – Body Language

Traditional negotiation theories deal with strategies and tactics when preparing for a negotiation. Practical Negotiation is creating an awareness of what actually happens and the dynamics involved. Much has been said and written about the ability to understand body language. In a negotiation it is said to be extremely important to ‘read’ your opponent. In […]

Practical Negotiation: Market and Social Norms

What is not taught and is often not clearly recognized in negotiation or in business is the difference between Market Norms and Social Norms. The two norms relate to how the negotiation is conducted but are embedded in reality rather than the negotiation strategy processes that are taught. Many people are not even aware that there […]

Practical Negotiation: Habits

In any negotiation, the influence and effect of our habits are not well understood. We prepare for and approach negotiation to ensure we understand the issues and the importance of each element. However, when in a negotiation, we actually negotiate the same way time after time. In order to discuss ‘habits’ and the dangers in […]

Practical Negotiation: What is it?

Negotiations occur throughout the day and, for the most part, without people being aware. They can be as simple as a conversation between two people as to where to go for dinner, what type of coffee to buy. On the other hand they can be extremely complex, vibrant or difficult. A negotiation may be between […]