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Business Communication – Clarity and Choice

The objective of this course is to review best practices of how to correspond with business people.  We will take an overview approach (with various learning materials) for one quarter of the day and focus on the desires of the group for the other three quarters. The overview includes 2 categories: one-to-one: conversation, email, written memo, telephone and voicemail; and group communication: presentation, meetings, and facilitation.

Program Content

Face-to-face conversation, email, written memo, telephone and voicemail have been augmented with personal Social Media messaging, web-cam, video links and more.

We will answer the questions:

  • When to use each?
  • What to be sure to do?
  • What to be wary of?

For group information sharing, we will review best practices in presentations, meetings and group facilitation.

Similarly we will answer:

  • How to prepare for an audience?
  • How to encourage participation?
  • How to raise expectations for creative ideas?

What You Will Learn

  • Significance of non-verbal communication
  • Value of written notes to confirm responsibility
  • Subtle techniques for respectful listening
  • Overall – you will leave with confidence to provide and expect value in your communication with others.

Who Should Attend

Three categories of people will take maximum benefit from this program:

  1. new employees who want to learn the culture of business communication
  2. leaders of people who want to support their improvement
  3. people in customer service who are the face of an organization.