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Effective Meetings

The image of a meeting for many people has a dark cloud over it: too long, lack of clarity, indecisive, etc. We are on a mission to change that. You can produce more, in less time, with more buy-in and fewer resources spent! Three pillars must be solid: planning, participation and producing results. Over two days we will consider the utopia that each of these three can bring to your team and client meetings.

Program Content

  • Meeting definition, type and criteria
  • Plan
  • Participate
  • Detour around people roadblocks
  • Produce results
  • Meeting evaluation
  • Technology to enhance communication and knowledge sharing

Roll-play each of these characteristics in a meeting that will produce!

What You Will Learn

  • Reasons to put value in thoughtful meeting planning
  • Be thoughtful about your level of participation
  • You can’t overestimate the value of face-to-face shared knowledge or non-verbal cues

Who Should Attend

This includes all people with frustration with current meetings and a desire to see them improve.

  1. Meeting planners for a corporation, agency or voluntary group, working over any timeframe (annual, monthly, weekly or more).
  2. Chairpersons who are looking to coax better participation from their committees
  3. Leaders who demand that meetings support the completing on action items on time and on budget.