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Mediation Skills

Instructor: Allan Cutler

Length of Course: 2 days

Description: This highly interactive workshop will provide participants with the basic knowledge and techniques necessary to facilitate small groups through experiential learning.

Workshop Content:

What is mediation?

  • The Third Party Neutral
  • Mediation Methodologies
  • Process vs Content

Pre Event Planning – Getting Ready

  • Planning the Event
  • Establishing Client Expectation
  • Identifying Participant Objectives
  • Planning the Environment
  • Engaging¬† Participants Before the Event

During the Event

  • Opening the Event
  • Mediation Skills
    • delivering clear instructions
    • neutral questioning
    • gathering responses
    • documenting responses
    • focusing on outcomes and reaching agreement
  • Closing the Event
    • reviewing mediation results
    • planning next steps if required
    • evaluating the event

You Will Learn How To:

  • apply the principles of facilitation
  • ask the right questions before and during the event
  • apply key facilitation techniques and processes
  • open, manage and close results oriented meetings and discussions
  • facilitate difficult situations and resolve problem meeting behaviour

During the Workshop You Will:

  • practice and receive feedback from an experienced facilitator and learning peers
  • practice skills in a safe environment
  • develop your own facilitation practice guide with templates, worksheets and list of resources for use after the workshop

Who Should Attend:

Anyone interested in developing skills and techniques to lead meetings and business discussion:

  • team leaders and managers at any level who run meetings
  • project managers
  • internal consultants and human resource specialists
  • business analysts