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Presentations – Provide value to the Audience

It is all about them. As a presenter, you have information that is valuable to the audience. So share it, sell it, in a manner that has the audience itching to make use of this new knowledge. This program will demonstrate some techniques for quality presentations and encourage you to practice, with a willing audience, under non-threatening circumstances.

Program Content

Identify the objectives of the presentation:

  • To whom and with what method?
  • Why and with what expected outcome?
  • Timeline and technology?

Presentation types – based on answers to these questionsThree Powerful

Points, with theory and best practice examples:

  • Plan for the logistics and dynamics of your audience
  • Deliver a clear message
  • Practise and Promote Participation

Evaluation criteria for helping others improve their skills

Take the stage, if you are willing, to practice your next presentation.

What You Will Learn

  • 21 (or more) characteristics of a great presentation
  • phrases and pauses to turn the focus back to the benefit of the audience
  • handling a difficult audience
  • handling changes while “on stage”
  • learning from feedback

Who Should Attend

We can all benefit from tips to improve our presentations to a group of people. This course will particularly support the work of:

  1. Spokespeople for a product or idea
  2. Those leaders who share information between committees
  3. New employees who want to improve speaking confidence