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Time Management – Multitask, Urgent, and Important

A busy treadmill surrounds so many people these days. When you choose to get on or get off that moving platform is the management side of your time. Having control of that choice is a challenge and deciding what tasks to do, with what priority is something we can all do better.

This 1-day program provides criteria for your personal time management guidelines for quick stress-reducing decisions about what to do next.

Program Content

Quite apart from the technology that both supports and eats into our ability to control our time management, there are 3 main components of a sound Time strategy: Focus, Structure and Discipline.

With a variety of learning techniques including lecture, small group discussion and personal exercises, participants will develop their own strategies for managing their time. Using these strategies and our communication technologies effectively will provide you significant stress reduction.

What You Will Learn


  • Start and stop a task at a point of easy re-engagement (examples)
  • Team work – Clarify who has what responsibility
  • Avoid duplication


  • Planning tools for daily, weekly, and beyond
  • Setting realistic goals with built-in personal and flex time (case studies)
  • Coordinate with schedules of other team members (technology)


  • Four quadrants of Urgent vs Important and slot each new task (group work)
  • Taking stock of your progress
  • Balancing work, personal, voluntary, health, etc for maximum effectiveness

Who Should Attend

We could all benefit from ideas to plan our use of time. For this program, particular benefit can be made by:

  1. Busy people who want to reduce stress
  2. People looking to a new job, wanting a fresh approach to their routines
  3. Those who make decisions and want a process for helping their whole team to be efficient