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Government Processes/Consulting

Allan Cutler Consulting offers a number of consulting services that relate to understanding and aiding firms with government processes.

Situated in Ottawa, Ontario, we liaison with and contact federal employees, executives, Ministers and MPs to aid in understanding all business needs in relation to the federal government. This also involves contacting members of parliament from any of the official parties. When we contact members of parliament, we do not charge for our services. Therefore, we do not qualify as lobbyists. We have developing contacts through non-partisan means. In our opinion, this means that we are more effective since politicians and political staff understand our ‘neutrality’.

Access to Information (ATI) or Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests

Allan Cutler Consulting is able to research business information and future opportunities for clients. As well, using ATI we are able to request background document that will help a client understand the bid rationale if they think an error has been made in bid evaluation.

Should a bid challenge be contemplated, upon request, we do a complete review of the client’s proposal and the RFP evaluation criteria. We are able to give an expert and impartial opinion regarding the issue and the probability of success.