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Procurement Services

Procurement of goods and services has become more and more challenging with the inclusion of various trade agreements, complex laws and with the increased attention paid to government contracting. Along with this evolution, evaluation has become more open to question and more frequently challenged.

Each bid and evaluation must be precisely tailored to the requirement. Allan Cutler Consulting are able to customize bid documents of all types—Requests for Proposals, Request for Standing Offers or Supply Arrangements, among others.

Our extensive knowledge of the bidding process means that we provide you with assistance at all stages of the procurement process. Alternately, we can limit our service to assisting clients in developing their own bid documents and evaluating bids.

Our services:

Selection of procurement process

  • Statement of Work preparation and review
  • Procurement strategy

Development of bid documents

  • Expert advice and recommendations on selecting a procurement process
  • Preparation of documents to invite bids
  • Translation as required
  • Ensuring compliance with federal government rules, regulations and policies


  • Recommendation of evaluation criteria
  • Preparation of evaluation criteria
  • Preparation of evaluation guidelines
  • Guidance to evaluators during process
  • Ensuring that the final evaluation report is correctly prepared

Bidding process

  • Structuring/assisting with bidders’ conferences
  • Responding to questions from bidders

Contract development

  • Negotiation strategy
  • Preparation of contract
  • Debriefing of unsuccessful bidders

Post contract

  • Contract administration and contract management
  • Evaluation of contract fulfillment and results
  • Facilitation and mediation services
  • Dispute resolution

Fairness monitor

  • Observation of procurement process
  • Certification that evaluation of proposals was done fairly and in compliance with all applicable rules, regulations and policies