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Proposal Development Services

Allan Cutler Consulting offers services from the beginning of the bid process to its completion. Starting with identifying bid opportunities, we continue with RFP analysis, preparing the proposal and beyond.

Bids by the federal government, other governments or public and private enterprises in a competitive bid environment have become more and more complex and difficult. As a result, the preparation of proposals has become more costly, difficult and onerous.

Bid evaluation has also become more difficult to understand. Every bid is different. Each proposal must be prepared and tailored to match a company’s specific capabilities to the stated requirements.
Because of our deep knowledge of the processes and our understanding of the various documents—Request for Proposals, Request for Standing Offers, Supply Arrangements, etc.—we can provide assistance in the preparation of proposals.

We provide an integrated or customized service tailored to the needs of a firm.

Proposal Analysis Services

Along with RFP review services, Proposal Analysis is the most in demand. It is the centre for quality control and is generically known as Red Team Services.

To ensure a high quality proposal that meets RFP evaluation criteria, the following functions are performed:

  • Ongoing review of content and draft versions of sections that have been written
  • A final review of the proposal before submission
  • Verification that the evaluation criteria has been addressed and that there are no oversights
  • Quality control to ensure content is correct, complete and written clearly
  • Proposal Management Services

Many firms are extremely busy fulfilling on-going demands at the time that an opportunity to bid arrives. To assist, Allan Cutler Consulting offers management services from the initial conception to the final product, including printing of the proposal.

Proposal Management (may include):

  • Initial proposal development meeting of client’s personnel
  • Development of Proposal Schedule including time lines for drafts and completion
  • Maintaining development status report
  • Informing of status and advising of delays or bottlenecks developing
  • Implementation and monitoring of Proposal Production Schedule
  • Production of final proposal, including binding.

Proposal Writing and Development Services

Many firms require writing services to ensure that a quality proposal is developed. Allan Cutler Consulting can provide writers who can work closely with firms. Our clients are the subject matter experts. We provide the necessary writing skills to explain this.

Writing Services (including but not limited to):

  • Content Management
  • Proofreading
  • Resumes
  • Editing
  • Graphics
  • Presentation
  • Layout

Related Services

Allan Cutler Consulting offers a number of consulting services that relate to proposal preparation and writing.

  • Winning Proposals: (Course)

This is a course that focuses on understanding how to prepare a response to various competitive procurement bid instruments such as an RFP, RFI, Invitation to Tender, etc The proposal process is examined in detail from both the evaluators’ viewpoint and the bidders’ viewpoint. An explanation regarding the terms used and their meaning is discussed. As well, considerable time is taken in understanding the conditions of bidding: the evaluation criteria – mandatory, rated requirements and how price can be evaluated in a proposal.

The course is normally two days in duration. It can be customized and broken into modules depending on the customer’s needs and expectations.

  • Boilerplates and Templates

While every proposal evaluation criteria is different, similar elements appear in many RFPs. For firms with a continuous demand to prepare proposals, boilerplates or templates can be developed for some criteria. While customization will still be necessary, the use of boilerplates as a starting point speeds up the process. Allan Cutler Consulting can aid firms in development of these documents.

  • Access to Information (ATI) and Bid Challenges

Allan Cutler Consulting is able to research business information and future opportunities for clients. As well, using ATI we are able to request background document that will help a client understand the bid rationale if they think an error has been made in bid evaluation.

Should a bid challenge be contemplated, upon request, we do a complete review of the client’s proposal and the RFP evaluation criteria. We are able to give an expert and impartial opinion regarding the issue and the probability of success.