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RFP Review Services

RFP Review Services

We have an in-depth understanding of the various bid documents (Request for Proposal, Request for Standing Offer, Request for Supply Arrangment, etc) and the public sector processes involved in developing, issuing and assessing bids.

Bid/No Bid Decision

The first step in reviewing the RFP is to assess the Bid/No Bid decision. Should you invest the time and effort in bidding? This involves an examination of the evaluation criteria and the statement of work with the client. Working closely with our client, a template can be developed to help assess how well the bid matches their abilities and the probability of winning the bid.

Detailed Analysis

Once a decision to proceed has been made, we commence a detailed analysis of the complete RFP. This continues throughout the bid period as amendments to the original RFP are issued. All changes, and questions and answers issued, are analyzed for clearness, consistency and understanding.

The following are some of the supporting actions:

  • Reviewing bids document for completeness
  • Understanding and verifying that the evaluation criteria is clear and how to respond
  • Recommending/advising on questions to be asked and clarifications to be sought regarding the RFP
  • Advising on areas of concern and how to address them
  • Attending bidders’ conference, meetings, etc.
  • Monitoring on-going amendments for completeness and accuracy
  • Explaining and highlighting important issues with respect to evaluation criteria and the bidding process.