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Training Services

Allan Cutler Consulting offers training in all aspects of procurement and ethics. Training is available in all aspects of procurement, negotiation and ethics. Course can be specially tailored to the needs of the clients.

Courses currently available are:

  • Ethical Procurement and Sustainability
    Procurement is a process and ethics is a philosophy of living. This course focuses on understanding personal and business ethics, the importance of ethics in competitive and negotiated procurement and the ethical challenges that are faced in procurements.
  • Negotiation Strategies
    What do you do when the other negotiator is using a different negotiation strategy from you? How to recognize various negotiation strategies, such as Win-Win, BATNA, Bottom-Line are discussed. The different tactics that are available are presented. When, where and whether you should use them are also examined.
  • Organization Ethics
    What are the dynamics and importance of ethics within an organization? How do these relate to personal ethics? Personal and Business ethics and how they relate to the organization are examined.
  • Proposal Preparation/Winning the Bid
    This course is offered directly to firms customized to their needs or through Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. The two day course goes through the process from receipt of a bid request, normally a Request for Proposal, to the preparation and delivery of the proposal. For more details and the Carleton University course dates, please contact us.
  • Other Courses
    Allan Cutler Consulting develops and customizes courses relating to all other aspects of a business – communications, organizational management, conflict resolution, etc. Due to our extensive network, we can provide specialists in all aspects of a business.